Sketch v Adobe XD


As a designer, I am always trying to adjust and evolve with new trends and develop ways to improve internal processes to complete projects with and for our clients. Finding and using the right tools to successfully complete projects is imperative when trying to optimize team work flows.

Mobile First Design?

How Can We Improve Mobile Design?

Developers currently submit more than 1,000 apps to Apple’s App Store each day, with Apps losing over 77% of mobile users within the first three days it has never been more important to create lasting positive first impressions. With such a small time frame before user interest wanes, apps and websites need to create social interaction and a sense of user involvement to maximise levels of users retention, to do this UX design is key.

First Impressions Count

Having been at PRWD for a few months now, something that is still clear to me is the feeling I had as I walked through the door on my very first day. Something as small as a welcome card on my desk from all the team created a reassuring welcome, and as the day progressed, I got to thinking about the power of first impressions and, in particular, the power of first impressions in web design.